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Crewneck sweat shirt 101 logo

Crewneck sweat shirt 101 logo

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Silk-screened in front
Composition : 80% Cotton/20% Polyester

Weight : 280 grm

Measures Sweat RC

Our History

Founded at DETROIT (MICHIGAN) in USA in 1933, BUCO  specializes in production of accesories for the motorcycle, especially the leather bags.


The experience and the mastery of this material have naturally prompted the brand to invest the domain of jacket dedicated at bikers, especially in leather horse for its resistance qualities and protection.


From the years 1940, The products BUCO reach a perfection level which gives them unanimous recognition in the country, with a passion that will never be denied.


The company will get involved also  in the domain of helmet of motorcycle, or  evene automotive, and will equip many amateur and professionals pilots in the years 60-70.

Today, the leather jacket (buffalo or horse tanned in Italia) BUCO are produced by the craftsmen in France respecting the criteria who had built his reputation, by searching at least the same level of quality.

To respond to request which is diversifying, BUCO now offers a wider range of products to product which respect the image as the brand was created over time : Tee-shirt, Sweat-shirt, cap, beanie and small luggage room.

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